I'm interested in CrossFit Mora, how do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Contact us by one of these 3 ways:

Fill out our Contact Us form located at the right of this page.

Email us at holly@crossfitmora.com

Stop by our location during our business hours. 


What if I've never done CrossFit?

No worries, everyone was once a beginner. Our coaches are skilled and able to offer you alternate exercises and movements that are within your current abilities. We call these "scaled movements" and are often used during classes for clients of all fitness levels. 

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Do you offer nutrition coaching?

Yes! We have meal planning appointment available which are scheduled directly with a coach. During these appointments, we will review all aspects that affect nutrition including: current eating habits, macro nutrient breakdown, and current lifestyle. We will give you the tools to help you be successful in your nutrition goals. 

Do you have a kid's area?

Although we do not have a designated area for kids, many members bring their children along with them. There is an area off to the side of the gym where kids can sit with their toys, snacks, iPads, and whatever will keep them occupied. 

Is there parking?

Yes! We have a private parking lot with plenty of free parking. 

Does CrossFit Mora offer online logs for tracking?

Yes! We use Wodify, which is an online tracking system that allows you to input all of your workouts. You are able to access this information online on a desktop/laptop, or the phone app.