Adult Rates


This membership allows full access to attend class whenever and as many times a week as you desire. It also includes Open Gym times, and any supplemental programs we offer. 

Month-to-Month: $190/month

6-Month Contract: $170/month

12-Month Contract: $150/month

3 x Week

This membership is for those who have tight schedules, but are committed to staying healthy and fit. With this membership, you will see consistent strength and conditioning improvements.

Month-to-Month: $150/month

6-Month Contract: $140/month

12-Month Contract: $130/month

2 x Week

Great for athletes who want to supplement their training with a strength and conditioning program. Increased strength and conditioning with CrossFit will benefit you in your chosen sport.

Month-to-Month: $110/month

6-Month Contract: $100/month

12-Month Contract: $90/month

Family Add-On

Immediate family members and/or couples residing at the same residence may be added on to any adult account under a minimum 6-month commitment.

Unlimited: $110/month

3 x Week: $100/month

2 x Week: $80/month

Drop-in and 10-session Punch Card

Whether you're visiting for the day or staying for a few, we offer options to fit our visitor's needs. Our punch card membership works great for those who travel often. Sessions are only deducted when you attend class. Punch card must be used within 3 months.

Drop-in: $20/session

10-session Punch Card: $140

Personal & Small Group Training

One-hour sessions are scheduled according to your needs and availability. Rates below are for non-members. For active member rates, please contact us directly. 

1-on-1 single session: $80

1-on-1 10-session package: $720

2-participant single session: $140 ($70/each)

2-participant 10-session package: $1260 ($126/session)

3-participant single session: $180 ($60/each)

3-participant 10-session package: $1620 ($162/session)


A 20% discount is available to Students, Military (Active & Veteran), and First Responders that is applicable to any of our adult memberships (does not apply to personal training). Please use our Contact Us form for more information. 

CrossFit Kids

Offered twice a week for kids ages 5-12. Sibling discount rates are available. Please contact us for more information. 

2 x Week

3-Month Contract: $65/month

6-Month Contract: $60/month

Drop-in: $10/session

Teen Rates

Applies to adolescents ages 13 - 18. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.


3-Month Contract: $110/month

6-Month Contract: $100/month

12-Month Contract: $90/month

3 x Week

3-Month Contract: $95/month

6-Month Contract: $85/month

12-Month Contract: $75/month

2 x Week

3-Month Contract: $75/month

6-Month Contract: $65/month

12-Month Contract: $60/month