As a United States military veteran, Andre learned three core values that he lives by and applies when coaching and personal training. During his service, Andre learned his first core value of Integrity, which can be seen in the quality of his honesty and strong moral principles. The second core value of Service Before Self is practiced when Andre devotes his free time to ensure the success of CrossFit Mora and its members. The final core value Andre learned in the military is Excellence. Striving for Excellence as a business owner and as an instructor drives Andre to promote an environment that is enjoyable, and attentive to all of his member’s needs.

Since entering the fitness field in 2004, Andre has accumulated a wealth of fitness knowledge that he loves to share with others. In 2011, he obtained his Level 1 CrossFit instructor certificate. Eager to continue his knowledge in the fitness field, he decided to go back to school to expand his knowledge of exercise and fitness. Andre earned his Kinesiology degree from San Jose State University, emphasizing in exercise and fitness. He has participated in a variety of fitness related activities, including competitive Powerlifting, competitive CrossFit, competitive Triathlons, and Mixed Martial Arts. Clients benefit from his vast array of experience, as well as his willingness to go to great lengths on their behalf; all which have helped him become one of the best coaches and personal trainers in the area.


In 2011, Holly graduated from Long Beach State with her bachelor of science degree in Kinesiology, emphasizing in Exercise Science. She has been active her entire life and has always been passionate about health and fitness. While at Long Beach, she spent countless hours interning under physical therapists, exercise physiologists, nurses, and other distinguished health care professionals. She experienced first-hand the importance of preventive care, and maintaining the physical health and wellness of the body. Her skill and knowledge in the industry is a testament to her strengths as a coach, certified personal trainer, and athlete.

Holly is currently on hiatus from CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting competitions to focus on receiving her registered nursing degree. 


Robert Lira is a strength enthusiast, a competitive Lightweight Strongman and MAS wrestler for Team USA. He has also competed in power lifting and functional fitness competitions. In early 2016, he competed at the renowned Arnold Sports Festival in Amateur Strongman.

Once he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Physics from San Jose State, he began learning as much as he could about Strength and Conditioning. As a coach he continues his pursuit of knowledge and applies it towards helping people reach their fitness goals.


Jaci was introduced to CrossFit in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. She began as a member, who was out of shape and had to scale all of movements. Most of her free time was spent at the gym, and with the people there as she kept working towards the goals she set for herself. Fitness and nutrition started to become a top priority, and her body and self-confidence started transforming.

Through her own transformation, she was inspired to obtain her CrossFit Level 1 Instructor certificate. From nutrition to Olympic lifting and body mechanics, Jaci continues to learn from fellow coaches. As part of the coaching staff, she enjoys watching members surpass their fitness goals. Being a single mother, family and community are extremely important and is what keeps her coming to CrossFit Mora. She is amazed at the respect that is shown to all members, and is happy to call CrossFit Mora her home.


Heather was introduced to CrossFit in 2014. Since then, the gym became part of her everyday life where she found a passion for weightlifting and fitness. As a Kinesiology major, she continues to expand her knowledge about CrossFit, weightlifting, nutrition, and overall fitness. She trains as a competitive weightlifter and competes in weightlifting meets around northern CA. Heather will soon be receiving her USA Weightlifting certification as a Level 1 Sport Performance Coach.